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Enhancing the MRI Experience…… 3.0T MRI now available at Territory X-Ray Services

Date: Thursday, February 04, 2021

It is with great pleasure we announce the installation of our 3T Philips Ingenia Elition S MRI. Providing improved image quality, decreased scan times and increased patient comfort, it is now completely operational and available to all patients who undergo an MRI at Territory X-Ray Services.

The new 3.0T MRI has leading software and post-processing functions installed and optimized, supporting confident diagnosis.

Our 3.0T MRI has automated instructions which announce scan duration, table movements and breath hold instructions in over 30 languages and dialects. Our newly installed sound system allows for music to be played through headphones during the scan to help relieve some of the anxiety experienced by MRI patients.

The ScanWise Implant software helps our MRI Radiographers scan within MRI Conditional limits by providing step-by-step guidance to enter the safe scan condition values of the implant manufacturer.